Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is an internal form of exercise that is performed in a graceful, dance-like progression of meditative poses. This exercise is best known as a route to reduced stress and enhanced health. Practitioners report that they sleep better, feel healthier, and experience less pain and stiffness.

In this beginner class, you do not need any experience in Tai Chi, rather an open mind and a willing heart to relax. This is a gentle, calming practice that involves deep breathing but no sweat or breathlessness.

Tai Chi places minimal stress on joints and muscles and less likely to cause muscle soreness and injury. In this hour long class, you will learn Qi Gong standing exercises, as well as the study of the long form.

The class is led by Jodi Homann, CMT, Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been studying under Master Tung Kai-Ying, of China, Christopher Kiely, in Middlebury, and Master Tung Chen Wei in California for the past 10 years mastering in Yang-Style, Tajijuan

This activity is suitable for all ages and most states of health. It is offered as a series of five (5) classes. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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