A.T.R.-B.C., L.A.D.C., L.C.M.H.C.

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Lynn Butler-Dube is an Art Therapist Registered Board Certified, Liscensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Liscensed Mental Health Counselor and a Student Assistance Counselor (education, prevention, and intervention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use).

She has a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and is licensed as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Mental Health Counselor. Lynn has over twenty five years of clinical experience working with teens and adults who have substance addictions and mental health challenges, individually and in group settings.

Ms. Butler-Dube focuses on goal-oriented treatment, consumer centered, encouraging personal creative expression, and personal choice. She collaborates with other therapists and specialists to create a diverse service plan for consumers.

Art Therapy is a psychotherapeutic use of art (drawing, painting, clay collage, etc.) in a non-threatening setting to reveal one’s emotions and conflicts, and a creative way to engage in the healing process. Goals will be developed with the client and we will assess progress after three months of treatment.