Abby Gelfer

Abby Gelfer, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Abby GelferAbby Gelfer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialization in eating disorders, reproductive health and relationship issues. She received her MSW from San Diego State University in 1981 and practiced as a counselor and psychotherapist in a women’s health clinic and then in private practice until 1997.

For ten years she was Chair of the Psychology and Human Services Departments at Burlington College, where she taught courses on a variety of psychological subjects, including counseling and eating disorders. She returned to practice in 2007.

Abby has provided therapy to individuals, couples and groups – specifically for women with eating disorders. She uses both cognitive therapy and a humanistic approach. Cognitive therapy is effective in helping clients reframe belief systems about their own lives and potentials and can help clients change behaviors by changing their thinking. Humanistic psychology emphasizes the innate dignity and uniqueness of every person. Both approaches emphasize the importance of clients’ ability to recognize their own patterns and to change. While using cognitive strategies to help clients change thoughts and behaviors, it is important not to lose sight of the total person who has reasons for his/her choices.

Abby believes in a collaborative approach to treatment and believes that clients can benefit from body work in addition to talk therapy. She works with other practitioners at The Adams Center who specialize in art therapy, nutrition counseling, EMDR, and Reiki.